Thank you for your interest in our company, its science and technologies and the people behind it. InnerSenseArabia had its beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984. Prior to that time research was being performed by its founder Don Estes and others into vibrational science where new theories of consciousness, and how to have lasting positive effects on it, began to emerge.

Discovering that non-ordinary states of mind can be accomplished with technologies that can replace psychedelics as the mechanism by which they are achieved…led to the development of VibraSound®️. Based on the Theory of Sensory Resonance that describes a unique, expanded state of mind where all of the sensory mechanisms are synchronized into one coherent experience, VibraSound®️ is considered all over the world by individuals and professionals to represent state of the art in neurotechnology.  We are now shipping our 13th generation of such technologies to individuals and professionals all over the world who have applications in vibrational forms of therapy, self discovery, healing, stress management and cutting edge innertainment.

Over the years, we personalized the experience with various forms of human biometric measurement and feedback.  Sophisticated EEG, HRT, Voice Analysis and other technologies were developed that evolved into world-class quantum biofeedback systems being used as transformational technologies by professionals in many different fields.

These award winning products and services have been featured in hundreds of print, radio, television and movies such as ABC, NBC, CNN, Next Step, Beyond 2000, Discovery Channel, Science Frontiers, Wired Magazine, Wall Street Journal, London Times, NY Times, BBC, Nippon TV, the recent Superhuman movie and many others.  In addition, they have been endorsed by many resonant thought leaders such as Anthony Robbins and Micheal Beckwith as well as many other professionals in the sciences, arts and medicine.

InnerSenseArabia offers training on product use and maintenance in addition to providing workshops and webinars on various subjects related to Vibrational Science.  Please visit the Learn section of this website for more information on these trainings where you will also find many resources for studying these subjects.

VibraSound technologies can be experienced at many locations around the world.  Some of these locations are listed in the Contact section of this website.  For more specific information please contact InnerSenseArabia directly at info@innersenseArabia.com.

Our next generation hybrid analog/digital supercomputer is a microcosmic emulator that can create an analog model of any reality.  Studying these models of the world grid and its collective consciousness guarantees that InnerSenseArabia will stay on top of the field while its unique management team of professional scientists, engineers and marketing specialists guarantee that InnerSenseArabia will remain a major contributor to the field of vibrational science for many years to come.

Thank you again for your interest in our technologies and the work that we are doing at InnerSenseArabia.  We appreciate the time required to peruse a large website, but believe that you will find the information interesting and useful.  We invite your participation.  Please contact us at info@innersense-inc.com or visit the Contact Page of this website.  We look forward to hearing from and working with you.  Blessings!